What is the Catskill Mill?

We're transforming a trio of buildings in the Village of Catskill from something closed and vacant into something open and vibrant.

Two of the buildings (361 Main Street and 111 Water Street) are what used to be Oren's Furniture Store. It's been ten years since these buildings played an active role in the community of Catskill, and it's a good time to open their doors again.

In our Main St. building we are setting up workshops. Catskill's identity as a center of manufacturing and skilled tradespeople goes back hundreds of years, and we're doing our part to preserve this.

Our aim is to create a place that will draw people to Catskill and get them to explore the rest of this wonderful town we call home.

When will things be ready?

So far, almost all the workshops are up and running, with artisans renting the studios. We're also taking custom commissions for furniture. We hope to be able to open the storefront to the public in the future.

The big building needs a lot of renovation and outfitting, so that will take more time. A couple more years. 


Because we live here, because this is our home, because we are all part of this community.

This is a long-term project to help revitalize Catskill in a meaningful, long-lasting way.

We see this as a big, beautiful experiment: an exploration. We're not pretending like we have all the answers or that this will be some quick fix for the town. It takes generations to make meaningful change.

Get in touch: hello@catskillmill.com

A History of the Mill Buildings

Built in the late 1800's, the Mill has seen many uses over the years.

Developed with a dwelling, millinery, clothing store, Raynor and Smith (flour and seed), and the Harris Knitting Co. which included a store house.

Developed with a fruit and candy stand, carriage depository, dwelling, millinery, clothing storefront, blacksmith and wagon shop, the W.S.C. Wiley Kaaterskill Hosiery Mills which included a machine shop, washing, and spinning, and Raynor and Smith (flour, feed, grain, and fertilizers).

Developed with a fruit stand, carriage repository, blacksmith, department store, clothing store, the W.S.C. Wiley Kaaterskill Hosiery Mills which included a repair shop, blacksmith, dye house, washing, and spinning, and A. Raynor (flour, feed, and grain).

Developed with a tobacco stand, blacksmith, knit goods storage, department store, clothing storefront, feed and grain, and the Union Mills-Wiley Branch including a repair and machine shop, dye room and house, and washing.

Developed with a department store, storage, blacksmith, storefront, feed and grain, and Union Mills, Inc. (manufacturer of sweaters) including a factory, repair shop, and dye room and house.

Developed with a department store, blacksmith, storage, feed and grain, and Union Mills Inc. (manufacturers of sweaters) (not in operation at this time) including a factory building, repair shop, and dye house and room.

Developed with the Catskill Foundry & Machine Works including a machine shop, coal, and shop, K.B. Products (mushroom growing), and a furniture storefront and storage.

Developed with the Table-Art Furniture Manufacturing Co., Inc. (manufacturers of wooden furniture) including a factory building and storage, the Catskill Foundry & Machine Works including a machine shop and office, and furniture repair and storage.

1966 - 2000
Oren’s Furniture Store (361 Main Street)

2000 - 2012
Unfinished conversion into private condominiums.

2013 - Present
Developing our workshops and studio space, large-scale renovations of our building complex, and planning for our future.